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As an ongoing program to this website, we are looking for "Guest Artists" to show in our on-line gallery.

  • The type of work that will be shown is primarily figurative, or figurative inspired work. It can be in any medium that can be viewed in a web page.
  • Guest artists will be shown seasonally on the homepage with a link to a short biography and 10 representative works that will be consistent with the design of the website. Once the season is over, the artist and their images will be put into an archive area indefinetly, or until the site is no longer updated.
  • Each artist will be announced by a mass e-mailing which will be directed towards galleries, and other artists.
  • The cost involved for a review of an artist and his/her work is a one time fee of $35, payable after the work has gone up on the website.
  • Artists do not have to be from New York.
  • The artist retains copyright of all of their images and can request to be removed from the website at any time.

If you are interested please email the curator with any further questions or comments.

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