Nevio Carcich Born in 1952 on the Adriatic island of Unije, Croatia, Nevio Carcich emigrated with his family to Trieste, Italy, in 1960 where he was exposed for the first time to images by Cezanne and Picasso and began his studies in Fine Arts. In 1966 the Carcich family was again uprooted, this time to the United States.

Nevio completed his B.F.A. at the New York Institute of Technology with honors and a gold medal award in Design. He furthered his Art studies at the Art Students League of New York under Gustav Rehberger, Gary Faigin and Michael Ponce de Leon.

An Interior Designer by trade, Nevio Carcich is also an accomplished Furniture Designer and Muralist. He has been represented by Galerie 10, Paris. His work is in numerous public and private collections worldwide including the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Washington, D.C. His private collectors include the N. Garfinkle Collection and Daniel Yankelovich in New York, Architect Pekka Salminen in Finland and Vilhar Anderson - Photographers, Tokyo. He has widely exhibited nationally as well as in Canada and Europe.

Nevio divides his time between his home in New Jersey and his native Unije where he finds inspiration in the simplicity of island life, the intense Adriatic sun, the aged facades and weather-beaten windows and doors of stone village houses, and the ever present sea.

I normally work without any preparatory drawings. I like to start with a general idea and take on the challenge of developing that final image as I go along. Spontaneity fascinates me and, to me, the statement is fresher and more direct that way. With too much planning an emotion loses its impetus. I want my work in general to show the conflict between the beauty in nature versus the chaos around us, an optimism that beauty can prevail and is worth representing.

Nevio Carcich - June 2001

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